The Fine Line Between Love and Hate: part four is LIVE!!

The Fine Line Between Love and Hate: part four is LIVE!!

I’m so excited to announce that the final part of The Fine Line Between Love and Hate serial is LIVE!

Here is what people are saying:

Yay! I couldn’t wait to read how Evie and Charlie’s story turned out. Well it turned out GREAT and … with gnomes! Thanks Ashley Erin for a very fun entertaining serial.
I loved the creativity in this author’s writing! I especially loved getting both main character’s points of view. The amount of inner dialogue written really opened up who each of them were and was done so well. All the other characters are betting on how long they’ll last as a couple and I’m betting it will be a happily ever after. Pretty sure they both now see that fine line between love and hate and will be careful crossing it. Love the cats!
” ~ 4 STARS from Joni with Luv My Books


So bittersweet…I’m so very happy for this last novella in the serial…to get closure, to find out how Charlie & Evie’s story turns out. Yet I’m sad for it to end. I will miss these characters – they were so much fun to read!

I loved watching their relationship from beginning to end… The angry first meeting to this wonderful conclusion. The growth of these characters, and the way they complimented each other’s quirks was adorable and entertaining.

This was the perfect ending for Charlie & Evie’s story. Gnome sayin’?” ~ 5 STARS from Lori with BF Bookies


I truly enjoyed reading the final installment in this serial. What a great conclusion to such a fun read. Ashley does a fantastic job with following the serial, staying true to the story, and continuing her development of the characters through the hardships they face.

Ashley incorporated humor perfectly, while still keeping the raw and honest emotions of the characters. I could understand their struggles, and cheered for love when it overcame the challenges.” ~ 5 STARS from Author Fabiola Francisco


All four parts are available on Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, and Nook.

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